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For Engineering Team

Stackin helps you with an actionable points to promote team alignment, improve productivity and optimize collaboration

How it works

Stackin platform enables services, plugin and apps integration, in order to automate engineering workflows.

Measure, Analyze, Improve
Build phenomenal
Make data-driven decisions

Developer Efficiency

Measure developer's efficiencies, and start optimizing your development process.

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    Analyze development cycle time

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    Understand developer's work pattern

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    Understand your team's collaborative hours

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    Identify your top contributors

Drive Team Productivity

Improve efficiencies, enhance product development and drive productivity.

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    Visualize your team’s working pace and identify roadblocks

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    Avoid delays in PR reviews and improve cycle time

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    Track milestones and individual contribution

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    Record and analyze the effectiveness of your meetings

We have been using Stackin for quite some time and we were able to identify issues earlier and take action accordingly. we have better visibility of work ever since we onboarded.



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