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Stackin analytics gives you the comprehensive point from which you can monitor development cycles and derive valuable insights to boost your team performance.

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Stackin will take care of people management, so you can focus on project management


Know your developers through the Stackin dashboard

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    Understand in which environment each developer works best - remote, office, or a combination of both.

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    Find out the power hours in which each developer is most productive.

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    Identify top performers based on the value they contribute, rather than just lines of code or git commits.

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    Identify developers who need help, right in the early stages of the project, and avoid unnecessary delays at the end.

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    Team DNA is of the utmost importance when it comes to building successful teams. With insights from the Stackin dashboard, quickly identify developers who don't have your team’s DNA.

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    Transparently reward your star developers, and motivate them with healthy competition.


Improve productivity of your team

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    Visualize your team’s working pace, identify lags, and remove blockers.

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    Record and analyze the effectiveness of your meetings. Know when to hold meetings, and what for.

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    Avoid delays in code reviews and improve lead time. Establish a good and consistent coding style and give your team the knowledge fluidity to assign any feature to any developer.

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    Recognize sooner, if there is any unhealthy working pattern. Stackin lets you observe how developers interact with each other, be it in pull requests or ticket comments.

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    Track milestones and know who contributed to achieving them.

How can Stackin help your engineering team?


Measure, Analyze, Improve

With StackIn, you can track not just the on-going development cycle, but also analyze past cycles. Set metrics, monitor over a series of dev cycles, and improve continuously — all in one platform. Our interactive visualizations help you to identify bottlenecks in the process, streamline them and improve your team’s velocity.


Build phenomenal teams

Stackin gives you the perfect tool to manage your teams transparently. Perceive your team’s strengths and weaknesses quantitatively. Gain your developers' confidence and motivate them to give their best.


Make data-driven decisions

Stackin is here to make an engineering manager’s life easy. Out analytics helps you to record and analyze every nitty-gritty of your team's behavior and delivery style. You can calculate what you can commit realistically, and plan how you can ship the product on time. It's time to say goodbye to expectation conflicts.

Powerful technology & services together

Stackin platform enables services, plugin and apps integration, in order to automate engineering workflows.

Leverage technology
We build apps that integrate your system and workflow enabling a seamless experience during workspace setup
Supportive apps & plugins
We avail couple of well know apps, services and plugins integration to get you started right away. do let us know if you have specific requirements our team will love to hear from you.

Get started with Stackin, right away

Watch out, your team’s productivity is going to skyrocket!


With transparent metrics and diligent recording, no one’s efforts go unnoticed. There is going to be a collaborative team effort, rather than a corporate rat race.


Stackin offers integration with many other leading engineering applications. If there is any particular integration that you need, tell us.

User management

Onboard your entire team in a matter of minutes. Stackin enables you to transition seamlessly by importing data from other platforms.